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  • Event Name: TIET-SANTO DOMINGO 2021
  • Event Category: Education, Training
  • Date & Time: Dec. 11st - Dec. 20th, 2021
  • Location: Santo Domingo, RD
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For more than 4 years, the Invictus European Student Services Foundation (IESS) is engaged in the training and capacity building of Haitian students and professionals under the umbrella of its program called «Educo-Touristic International Tour (TIET)». The Invictus Foundation now has several editions of TIET, produced in concert with universities and educational institutions, in various cities in Europe (Vitoria-Gasteiz, Madrid, Valencia, Strasbourg, Brussels), in North America (New York, Mexico) and Latin America (Panama City, Santo Domingo).

The initiative of this course of International Relations and International Cooperation is launched at the request of officials of the University and Technological Institute of Haiti (INUTECH), being informed of the realization of our TIET, especially the last one to date (July 2021). They felt that their International Relations students would be interested in participating. Thus, after discussions and negotiations between the Invictus Foundation and INUTECH and considering the precarious situation facing the country, it was agreed to start this partnership with a special programme to be carried out in Santo Domingo, to then integrate the great Tours made in North America, Latin America and Europe.

As a result, it was also agreed that, according to the report and the findings of the Invictus Foundation Staff, the best students who participated in this special edition will be added automatically to the list ofselection of the first two programmes mentioned for Agenda 2022.

Although INUTECH students are the primary targets of this special TIET, On the other hand, the parties also considered opening the programme to other universities in the area and thus integrating it into the annual calendar of the Invictus Foundation as a preparatory course compared to other programmes at a much more advanced level.

This course will allow the participants to connect with the students and the university system of the neighboring Republic. Therefore, they will be able to better understand the reality of these two countries condemned to share the same territory. In short, the participants, being professionals and future leaders of Haiti, these visits planned on the menu of the program and the content of the training will inspire them to better think the future of relations between these two states.