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  • Event Name: TIET-PAIS VASCO 2021
  • Event Category: Education, Training
  • Date & Time: July 07th - July 24th, 2021
  • Location: Pais Vasco, Spain
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Here we are at the 4th edition of the Éduco-Touristique International Tour (TIET) – País Vasco/Spain. Due to the COVID19 pandemic, we were unable to complete the 2020 edition, but this year we have resumed the activities and launched the 2021 edition of this program to facilitate students from various disciplines of the social sciences and humanities to participate in this traditional training which is held every year at the Universidad del País Vasco in Spain. With the support of the Consulate of Spain in Haiti, once again, the Invictus European Student Services Foundation intends to make use of this opportunity to young Haitians wishing to increase their knowledge fields in the topics provided for this training.

Moreover, it should be noted that inspired by the experience with the Haitian delegation during the 2019 edition, the organizers decided to integrate two other courses in the 2021 edition, thus offering a broader curriculum to the participants. In addition to the "INTERNATIONAL LAW AND INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS" course, this year participants will have the opportunity to choose a course on "PARLIAMENTARY SYSTEMS AND CURRENT DEVELOPMENTS" and another entitled “CONSTITUTIONAL TRANSFORMATION AND REFORM, CHALLENGES AND LIMITATIONS”. This will allow one participant to earn two degrees at a time during this tour.