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Making a donation makes you happy! By explaining the relationship between charitable behaviour and happiness, research shows that not only does giving make us happier, but the happier we are, the more we give… A real beneficial circle!

And especially when we remember that small creeks make big rivers». As this proverb suggests, every gift counts and makes a difference. No matter the amount of the contribution, in order to support a cause of solidarity, everyone must contribute to it! Giving to a charity is a matter of the heart. It is the stories of others that affect us and rally us to a cause, not the numbers.

So let’s tell stories about the little ones on both sides and on the other side of Our reason to live.

We believe in it from the bottom of our hearts: this is a good reason to give!

Your donations will contribute directly to the education of young people and small children who will be affected by our various programes both in Port au Prince or in the provinces of Haiti.

IN PERSONBe there when you make your donation.

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ONLINEMake a tax deductible donation‏.

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