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IESS has an extensive career in educational, cultural and recreational areas. We represent several universities and schools of international law and international relations in Europe. We have a credible experience sending Caribbean students abroad, consolidating us as the company with the longest trajectory in the country in the field of exchange agencies.

About UsWho We are

We are an educational agency dedicated to the promotion of cultural exchange programs, in order to generate personal and academic growth for students and professionals in the Caribbean.

To be recognized as one of the educational agencies that offer the best service of cultural exchanges and training of personal impact.

We are a company founded in THE VALENCIA COMMUNITY, CASTELLON, SPAIN in 2017, aimed at promoting cultural and educational exchanges in the need to strengthen educational trips as modern motivators of teachings.

Mission & VisionMission and Vision

Our Mission

The mission of the IESS is to guarantee and promote the quality of the UNIVERSITY LEVEL OF PARTICIPANTS. This is part of the development of useful links between its international universities and those where training, the socio-productive fabric, institutional decision-making bodies and European society as a whole, such as the promotion of the exchange of experience, not only with other international European university systems but also with other levels of education (secondary education, vocational training, etc.).

To carry out this mission, the IESS carries out mainly technical and training visits, certifications and accreditations. This public service activity is complemented by study and foresight work and cultural promotion activities educational quality of higher education on the international stage.

Our Vision

IESS aims to be an agile and efficient agency; this becomes essential in the international sphere for the seriousness and functioning of its performance and activity. By bringing the added value of quality assurance, we will be an indispensable reference for all institutions and agents with educational responsibilities in the Caribbean region.

We aspire to become outside the Caribbean in a qualified agency and a recognized interlocutor in the European area of quality and academic evaluation.

To achieve this vision, the IESS must be governed in all its procedures and actions by European and international standards and guidelines (ESG).

With transparency, independence of criteria and commitment to accountability, we support reflection, continuous improvement and creativity.

ValuesOur values

We faithfully believe in those five (5) values as an educational agency: